Diet plan for 3 days.

A healthy body is everything. People try to apply thousands of tricks to get their body back to shape and try to get suggestions from their fellow colleagues, friends, relatives, doctors and family members about how they can reduce weight and maintain their health. It’s necessary to keep a check on your diet and what you consume and what food you ignore. Some people follow crash diet and many other forms of planned diets but if you follow the crash diet, honestly it won’t do any good to you. Instead, after the crash diet course, you will gain back those extra pounds which you apparently lost while skipping food and by starving. There is a 3 day diet plan which you can follow and get back that happy and fit shape.

Basically this 3 day diet plan is high in protein and low in fats, carbs and calories. When you are following this diet, you are following the low calorie diet which means you are not supposed to intake any sort of fat accumulating substances. This contains food items which will help to burn fats and increase the body metabolism. The low calorie diets are those diets which let you intake less than 1000 calories. If you don’t follow the plan properly, what ultimately will happen is like you might put on excessive weight after you are done with these short term diets. You should plan your 3 time meal and include only the essentials in those meals. For breakfast (Day 1), you should ensure you have half grapefruit, 1 sliced toast, 2 tbsp. peanut butter and 1 cup of coffee or tea. For lunch, you should consume ½ cup tuna, 1 sliced toast and a cup of coffee or tea. For dinner, you are supposed to consume 3 ounces of any meat, a cup of green beans, half banana, 1 apple and 1 cu of vanilla ice-cream. On day 2, the breakfast will consist of 1 egg, 1 sliced toast and half banana. The lunch should consist of 1 boiled egg, 1 cup of cottage cheese and 5 salt crackers. At night you can have 2 hot dogs without buns, a cup of broccoli, half cup of carrots, half banana and half cup of vanilla ice-cream. On day 3, the breakfast should consist of 5 salt crackers, 1 sliced cheddar cheese and 1 apple. The lunch should consist of 1 sliced toast and 1 boiled egg. The dinner should consist of 1 cup tuna, half banana and 1 cup vanilla ice-cream.

This entire 3 day plan will gradually result in weight loss. It will help you implement strict control on what you decide to eat and what you decide to ignore. You must always ensure to have proper and healthy food so as to maintain health and immunity.

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